By : Sri Sarbeswar Sut Baruah.

LOCATION  :  It  is  to  be  said  that  Dhakuakhana  is  situated 27’-6’  from  20’-36’  north  longititude  and  94’-24’  from  94’-42’  east  longititude.   Taking  KOHA  and  CHARIKORIA  in  the  heart, SUBANSIRI  and  BRAHMAPUTRA’s  surrounding   area  is  called  present  Dhakuakhana  sub-division.   It  has  legend  that  to  collect  revenue  ,  the  Ahom  King  SWARGADEO  GOURINATH  SINGHA   dug  a  cannel  connecting   KOHA  and  CHARIKORIA .   People  call  the  cannel  Dhakuakhana .  So,  the  name  of  this  region  is  known  as  Dhakuakhana .
                According  to  “AHOM  BURANJI”   from  1242  to  1244  A .D .  the  first  Ahom  King  SWARGADEO  SUKAPHA   had  established  his  capital  for  three  years  in  HABUNG .  we  can  say  that  this  Habung  area   is  present  Dhakuakhana
.  the  surrounding  area  of  KHERKATA   and  SUBANSIRI  was  known  as  HABUNG .
MONUMENTS :  Temples ,   tanks,  DOLL-DEVALAYAS,   legends  etc .  are  some  of  the  historical  monuments  of  a  place  or  an  area .
 A.   BASUDEVA  STHAN :  We  know  about  BASUDEVA  STHAN  in   THAKUR  CHARIT,  KALIKA  PURANA  etc.  we  know  that  Ahom  SWARGADEO  JOYDHAJ  SINGHA’S  reign, the  BASUDEVA   statue  was  established  from  old  Kundel  up  the  bank  of  river  Sampara .  At  last ,  giving  a  vast  area  as   “DEVORTOR  BHUMI” Ahom  SWARGADEO  SIVA  SINGHA   establish  the  Basudeo  Statue  on  the  northern  part  of  Sampara .  Of  course,  during  the  MAN’S  attack  this  temple  was  greatly  devastated .  Ultimately,  in  the  help  of  Archut  Ch .  Goswamideva (nowgaon),  Rongai  Aldhara (Jalbhari gaon)  had  re-established  this  Satra .  Present  Satradhkikar”  is  above  mentioned  dynasty’s  grandchild .
B .  GOBINDAPUR  SATRA :  It  is  known  that ,  during  period  of   AHOM  King  Siva  Singha,  the  Gobindapur  satra  was  established  by  Niranjan  Bapu (who  also  established  ‘Ouniati  satra’  at Majuli)  from  5 k.m.  distance  of  Dhakuakhana .
C .  HARHI  DEWALAYA :   It  is a  very  old  temple .There are verities  of  stone statue i.e. Siva,  Kali, Durga, Ganga ,Manasa, Samunda etc. are there . During the reign of  Chutia’s  at Habung, it  was  established. In the name of God  ducks, pigeons, buffalo, goat etc. are sacrificed   here.
D.GOPALPUR  SATRA:  It  has a statue of Gopaldeva  ,Banamali Gosai had  established this Satra. Once Gosai and  his Medhi’s boat  drowned  with  their  important  and valuable  books.  From  that  accident, the  place  was named as PUTHI  KHATI.
       At  Dhakuakhana  nearby  we  find many  DOLL-DEVALAYA. among  them Ghuguha  Doll at Lakhtokia, Monipuri Than at Ghilamora,Gorokhia Doll at Kakuri, Naruathan  and  Anantathan is noteworthy.
        King  Arimotta  dug  ponds  at Dhakuakhana, Ghilamora, Machkhuwa etc. Among
them most famous Ponds  are Na-Pukhuri at Ghilamora, Borpukhuri at Dhakuakhana,Mahdhowa Pukhuri, Borpukhuri at Bantow Gaon. Special Charactersticks  of Arimotta’s ponds are- he kept a cannel  in  West-Southern  side.
EVENTS:-  From  olden times also Dhakuakhana is the flood-hit area. So, flood has become a part of  culture of Dhakuakhana .Formerly we  mentioned that Sukapha established his capital at Habung fat after  three years he shifted his capital to  Chraideo for third. According to a popular legend—once Baisistha  muni’s   Ashrom was leady divested by flood and his GHONTA and SANKHA were washed away.  there fore,  in later years two pleases were named as GHONTAPORA and SANKHAPARA..
              Like other places, Dhakuakhana  had also greatly divested by the two  remarkable  earthquake in 1897 and 1950. many  stories is still heard of the 3rd MAN’S attack   at  DHAKUAKHANA.   They badly punished Dhakuakhana’s people. “Kasuwai knoda pukhuri’’ and “Juria pura Sapari’’ ---    are two signs of their attack. In  1918’s “LUTPAT’’ had great affected at  Dhakuakhana and Ghilamora.
Education- Culture:--   According to sarat gosai’s geography ;Dhakuakhana is a place of gentleman and it is famous for ‘Andi –Muga ; Dhakuakhana govt .M..V . School was established in 1872 . It’s first hedmaster was late Biswanath Das [form 1.3.72 to 6.3.78 ] He was a man of method and good teacher . Dhakuakhana High School [ Present Higher secondary ] was established in 1936 . it was The second oldest high school in Lakhimpur District .
              Dhakuakhana ,s “FAT BIHU” has a particular origin and Characteristic. It is such a festival That all Castes and Creeds celebrate with pom and gaity . FAT BIHU is very favoriate festival for Dhakuakhana people . Now – a – days FAT BIHU,s  popularity is spreed all our Assam .                           Many literatures are from at Dhakuakhana. Bi-monthly newspaper CHARIKARIA TRI-monthly Magazine HABUNG is published from Dhakuakhana regularly and they encourage the youth’s writers


             Dhakuakhana sub –division  is consisted with some parts of Dhakuakhana, Gohain and Machkhua mouzas. Of its eastern side there is PUB-DHAKUAKHANA, Gondhia, Matmora and Kherkatamukha gaon  Panchayat . In southern part there is Kherkata and Dangdhora gaon panchayat. It western part there is Mornoi, Borasamukh and Subanshiri gaon panchayat and it northern side there is Bordoibam, Ghilamara and Dhakuakhana gaon panchayat.


1.Land area -695.9 Sq. k.m.  
2. Population -1,45,554(1990 census)
3. Mouzas-    Dhakuakhana Gohain & Maskhuwa (one part)

Block (a)Subanshri
5. Voters-         Male- 64,560
6.Gaon Panchayat (a) Dhakuakhana -12 Nos.
(b)Ghilamora -9 Nos.
7.Revenue   Chakra- Dhakuakhana and Subanshri  
- 260 Nos.
9. Bidhan Sabha- nos. 112of Dhakuakhana  (reservation  for SC/ST)