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Feedback-1. (Trainee):
Community Information Center (C.I.C.) has developed a process of useful knowledge of computer education in our community. It motivated ones life into a new outlooks and aspects of advancement into a new world. Before knowing the knowledge of cic, I felt that it is nothing else but when I come to know the taste of cic that very vital for ones life. This cic has opened my eye and inspiration of new views in computer education. I also congratulate the government of India for providing such kinds of facilities in every state, as it will uplift our country computer illiterate into literate. Some of the suggestions are put fort below that we (trainees) get a lots of problem:
(1) In every block there is only 6 (six) computers, that many trainees with less computer, especially facing problem during practical (three or four trainees with one computer). Therefore, if the center provides more computers in the cic, it will be more benefited to the trainees.
(2) The cic is providing one month training (22 days excluding Saturday and Sunday), which the trainees gain only a limited knowledge. So if the center could able to introduce diploma certificate or degree courses in the cic, it will be much successful for the trainees to impart real computer education.
Lastly, I earnestly request the govt. of India to pay more attention in cic. I will be grateful if the above two suggestions are fulfill.

C.I.C Trainee.

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Feedback-2 (Trainee):
I would like to lay down some few lines in regard to the CIC established in Nagaland in collaboration with the government of India. The main goal for the government is to develop the main set of people regarding the usage of the computer.
We, here in Nagaland, it has become the most important part of education and the CIC has done a great job in furthering the work. As it has become a wide education, the computer equipment that the government of India provided is fabulous. But as far as my opinion is concern it will be better if the government of India provided the latest equipment so that more students would be interested and try their hands in extending the work of the CIC.
Again the government need to encourage the village people in educating them about the importance of the computer institute -CIC. As accepting the cited above the CIC will flourish in the near future.

C.I.C Trainee.

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Feedback-3 (N.G.O):
The impact of C.I.C on the public.
In keeping at par with the fast developing world, indeed the cic has been a step forward to the rural people. Thanks to the efforts of science and technology branch of our state and center. The rural population, the younger generation to be in particular are the most benefited. The fact that they would not have availed such opportunities because such centers are not established in rural areas by private companies and even if they do, the fees would not be affordable, has made cic a boon to the rural public. Now the young people have something meaningful to do during their leisure hours, the drop-outs have something to learn and even the elderly, those who are interested can learn and and become a part of the computer world. Now, the aim and objectives and the purpose of establishing the cic, be it educating the people or documentation of every nook and corner of the rural areas and linking with the others or any other purpose will depend a lot on the dedication and sincerity and the intelligence of the instructions. They will have to take up the responsibility not as paid instructors but as committed workers for our people. The immediate drawback I see is the shortage of electricity. Electricity is so poor, most of the time, power supply is short and this is creating a lot of disadvantage. I wish the C.I.C all the success and progress in its endeavors.

Chief Executive
Blue Hills Society, Mokokchung.

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Feedback-4 (N.G.O):
Community Information center is playing a vital role to educate the illiterate in the area of computer and Information technology. I thank the authorities for installing and setting up such a center in our block. It will definitely help our people in acquiring new knowledge, and also connecting to the outside world and people, in this age of the "global room".
I am proud of the government of India for giving us such an opportunity. This facility will produce a younger generation that is "computer literate".
I wish that the C.I.C would be a turning point and a milestone for the youngsters. Wishing all the success in the days to come.

Publicity and Information.
Ongpangkong Students' Conference.

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Feedback -5 (User):
I am much contented that cic have been set up in an area where we can make access to obtain information's with much greater ease. Proper information's were rare in the past; but now, because of cic we are gradually gaining momentum to attain global attitudes. I feel much secured and blessed with the implementations we have now within our vicinity. Especially for youths, we can now adopt a broader vision towards humanitarian activities of progress. In fact, cic, have quenched the thirst of many youths, augmented with reliable authentic class avenues. I personally adore CIC and the services provided to the masses.

Yimyu Ward, Mokokchung.

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Feedback-6 (User):
The approach, community information center (C.I.C), adopted by the govt. of India is directly Benefits the economically weaker section of the society. Especially in Nagaland, many people experience the wonders of telecommunication. Of personal concern, my communication capacities become more cheaper, faster and more reliable.

C.I.C User.

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Feedback - 7 (Student):
Through computer I have learn the mystery that it can provide in this modern technology and information world. With computer we can do works more accurately within a very short time. We can communicate and obtain various information-using computer through Internet.
But there are many demerits about computers, so it should be handled judiciously so that it does not hamper ones health, time and society.

Yimyu Ward.

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Feedback - 8 (student):
At the initiative of the govt. Of Nagaland , the CIC is established, and its main goal is to spread the knowledge and of computer. The CIC is thus , spread all over the state, penetrating even the remotest areas of the state The computer equipments at the CIC are of high qualities and the instructors are very qualified; all the credit goes to the govt.its success on its maiden voyage.The CIC thus help the poor villagers by educating them about the modern computerized age.
The most heartening thing is that, the govt. gave much far sightedness regarding the establishment of the CIC and in a way, it helps both the govt. and the people as a whole. It would be much better, if the govt. encouraged the people as well as the young students through public information viz. news paper. It will be said that ,the govt. ,kills two birds with one stone. But in order to give quality education to the young students, the govt. need to provide the latest technology with all the free usage of the internet without any restriction.In this way the students would come freely to the CIC bringing good profits for the govt. in financial term, and basic education for the people in the latest information through computer.
The only set back , for the moment, is that, there is lack of communication between the CIC and the people, old sets of computers , restriction in certain areas in the usages of the computers. By eradicating the above said, I think and hope ferverntly, that the CIC will flourish; for the betterment of the people of India in general ,and the Nagas in particular.


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